How to add an IPTV portal on MAG 250 254 322 256?

To run IPTV server on MAG, it is necessary to add provider`s Stalker Portal URL into the device to receive the stream. In this tutorial we`ll show how to do this in few simple steps.

Open up setting page and then enter System Settings

Select Servers

Here we have 3 sections: General, Portals and More. We simply need to configure General and Portals.

In General section, we have to configure NTP server. NTP stands for Network Time Protocol which is used for global clock synchronization. If you find this field empty, type the following server:

After that click OK button to save and Menu button to exit and go back to Servers page.

In Portal 1 Name section, type your desired name.

In Portal 1 URL, type the portal URL you have received from your IPTV Provider.

Now click OK to save.

Finally restart portal.

Once the portal Boots up, if you your MAG mac address is activated on provider`s side, you should have the service up and running.

That is all.