IPTV Express Activation

  • Follow below steps to activate MAG Boxes.
    • ⇒ Go to setting
    • ⇒ system setting
    • ⇒ servers
    • ⇒ Portal
    • ⇒ Portal 1 URL
    • ⇒ Enter “http://live.new4k.tv” as URL
    • ⇒ Reboot the device.
    • ⇒ If the username and password screen on the TV enter provided one.
    • ⇒ Enter the username and password provided to you via email and ENJOY…!!
  • NTP SERVERS – pool.ntp.org
    • Portal for any android boxes or devices: http://live.new4k.tv , Please note new version may not work on STB if so you must use IPTV express APP.
    • Install STB emulator and follow below steps
      • ⇒ Open STB emulator
      • ⇒ Go to Settings of STB emulator (right side corner)
      • ⇒ Select “Profile”
      • ⇒ Change profile name to “Express”
      • ⇒ Go To Portal setting
      • ⇒ Portal URL
      • ⇒ Enter- http://live.new4k.tv
      • ⇒ Go Back
      • ⇒ Select “STB Configuration”
      • ⇒ Go to the STB Model
      • ⇒ select MAG 254
      • ⇒ Go to MAC Address
      • ⇒ Enter provided MAC address after purchase or send your STB MAC address during purchase (MUST start with 00:1A:79: )
      • ⇒ Don’t Change any other setting, reload the Profile
    • Trick: Install “Clean Memory” or “Clear Cache” application for android devices it will help you clear old caches and it will run smoothly.
    • NOTE: Don’t share your MAC address or Don’t use it on two devices, if you do so, your portal will be blocked at the server.
  • Download KODI, Open KODI
  • Go to System > add-ons > my add-ons > PVR clients > Stalker clients > configure > portal 1
  • Enter MAC provided to you via email after purchase
  • Enter the username and password provided to you
  • Don’t change any other settings
  • Go to Settings > TV > enable for enable stalker client
  • Clear data and caches After loaded please reboot Kodi and Enjoy …!!

  • Download Infomir app from App Store. Users need to make a one-time payment  to download it
  • Open App
  • Enter the username and password provided to you
  • Link :
  • Press OK

  • Hint: If VOD doesn’t work or channels keep cuttings or don’t see channels

    Please switch your TV’s player to Safe Mode.
    To do this –
    –>start the app
    –>As soon as you see Loading Portal message click on OK/Center key on the Remote
    –>Go to Settings > Advanced > Player Mode and switch it to Safe Mode

    Note – All TV’s are not 100% compatible with 100% functionality of server… Some TVs VOD won’t work properly.